Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Council keeps smoking ban strong

Thank you City Council!! One of the reasons we all love Steamboat Springs is the clean mountain air. Nothing is worse than going out for a good ride to keep in shape then going to a restaurant and having to breathe in someone else's smoke. People will still visit reataurants and bars with a smoking ban and many people will stay longer. Boulder put in a ban years ago against threats of dire consequences to the resaurant and bar business that never materialized and I think that we will see the same results here.

Council nixes amendment
Steamboat Springs' smoking ordinance won't be altered, yet
By Christine Metz, Staff Reporter
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
The Steamboat Springs City Council stood by its original smoking ordinance on Tuesday, its members saying they would not allow smoking in outdoor seating areas.
Less than three weeks after the smoking ordinance took effect, council members said they wanted to give the ordinance more time to work before changing it. The council voted 4-1 not to amend the ordinance to allow outdoor smoking areas.

Full Article from the Steamboat Pilot