Thursday, July 21, 2005

More kids competing in Steamboat Town Challenge

This is too cool! I stopped by the race last night and these kids are great. They are out htere to have fun but the twinkle in thier eyes belies their Steamboat competitive spirit. It's no mystery why so many great athletes come out of Steamboat Springs. There are so many fun opportunities for kids to get involved at a young age and so many good role models starting with most of the parents. Last night I saw a little girl watching her mommy come in to the finish line. The look of wonder on her face told the whole story...

A youth movement By Melinda Mawdsley, Staff Reporter Thursday, July 21, 2005

Jett Seymour is only 6 1/2 years old, but he knows what he wants. He would like his first mountain bike with clips, and he would like to ride in the Tour de France. He will have to wait a while for both, but on Wednesday, he settled for first place in the 8-and-under division of the Town Challenge Series, finishing the course in the Eye 2 Eye Cross Country race in 31 seconds. "I have really good sprint legs," said Jett, who is small enough that the popular yellow Livestrong bracelets fit around his ankles. "This is my first gear bike. I was on (gear) four the whole time."

Koby Vargas finished behind Jett in 32 seconds. Drew Williamson was third in 35 seconds. Competitors in the 8-and-un--der division pe--daled quickly from How-elsen Lodge to the tow house and back. The Steamboat Springs Town Challenge Series continues to grow in popularity with its youngest participants. On Wednesday, 22 children 12 and younger competed in the Eye 2 Eye Cross Country race. An additional 10 raced in the 13- to 15-year-old division.

Several Steamboat youths have surpassed their age abilities, so they asked race director Gretchen Sehler to let them compete in higher divisions or, at least, race longer courses. She obliged. Full Story from the Steamboat Pilot